Toppings at Plus 1 Pizza
Topping Dictionary for over 45+ Epic Toppings

Mozzarella & Provolone 

Next to our fresh made dough and family secret recipe sauce, our mozzarella and provolone cheese blend is what makes our pizza unique and full of flavor. We never use cheap diced and over processed cheese that all of our competitors use in town to lower the cost of their pizzas. We use only premium fresh shredded cheese. Absolutely  the best cheese in town, don’t settle for anything else. This premium cheese goes onto every pizza we sell. (The only exception is our vegan pizza)

Add any of the other cheeses listed below as a topping to accent your pizza with different flavors.   

Feta Cheese

Feta is a soft Greek cheese with a strong and rich flavor. Our crumbled feta melts perfectly into our mozzarella and provolone to provide a smoky taste. Try feta with spinach, chicken, pesto or any veggie style pizza. Goes great with olives too. 

Asiago Cheese+

Asiago is a hard Italian white cheddar style cheese. It compliments pineapple, onions and ham with a sweet aftertaste. When put on pepperoni, asiago browns and crisps for a “crunchy” effect. 

Gorgonzola Cheese

This Italian bleu cheese has bold flavor, strong aroma, and is delicious! Its wonderful taste goes well with hearty veggies. If you are going with a veggie style pizza add this cheese as a topping to kick up the flavor.  Try it with roma tomatoes, sweet corn, or zucchini.  

Cheddar Cheese

Shredded, mild cheddar is a wonderful compliment to virtually any pizza! No matter the other toppings, all toppings are better smothered in cheddar! Try it with bacon, broccoli, premium ground beef, or with roasted potatoes.

Ricotta Cheese

A mild, soft cheese which is a wonderful complement to any pizza!  This cheese is a little sweeter and great on any pizza. Try with a plain cheese pizza with a pesto drizzle swirl.  

Romano Cheese

A grated, hard Italian cheese, Romano is one of the oldest Italian cheeses. Similar to Parmesan cheese, it goes great on any pizza to add some extra zest and little salty flavor to any pizza.

Aged Sharp Cheddar  

Sharp cheddar cheese sauce is away to add a lot of flavor to your pizza.  Add to roasted potatoes, broccoli, and zucchini. 

Smoked Gouda Cheese

Smoked Gouda is sensational on any pizza, goes well with chicken, zucchini, roasted red peppers, and complements just about any veggie. This is a hard cheese from a Dutch cheese recipe named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. If truth be told, it is one of the most popular cheeses in the world and goes excellent on pizza.

Extra Cheese 

For real cheese lovers! Our mozzarella/provolone blend is the best cheese in town! Just ask for extra cheese and we’ll melt an extra helping on top of your pizza creation. It makes everything better!!

Vegan Cheese 

Order a pizza with no cheese for a vegan pizza with veggie toppings.  



We use premium pepperoni, Ohio sourced just an hour away. Never settle for highly processed national brands like Hormel and others. Our pepperoni is cut from premium meats and is dried cured with a unique family recipe that is full of flavor and “crisps” when cooked. We never use a national chemically cured pepperoni like our competitors use to save money. Try it with our fresh-sliced baby portobello mushrooms or our premium Italian sausage! You just can’t go wrong with our pepperoni on any pizza. 

Old School Pepperoni

Our “old world pepperoni” is smaller in diameter which is old school and a throwback to how all pepperoni was done 50 years ago. It’s smaller in size and it’s spice profile is what sets it apart from the crowd. It’s a little more crispy for extra flavor and texture. It goes well with just about any other pizza topping on the menu. It's a classic!  

Spicy Pepperoni

As the name suggests, this random hand-sliced-style pepperoni is just a little spicy and adds just a little more kick to any pizza. Try all 3 styles of our premium pepperoni on our “Pepperoni Feast Pizza” it’s a true favorite of many of our customers. Beware there is a ton of pepperoni on this pizza. For the true pepperoni lovers.   

Italian Sausage 

Premium Italian sausage that is prepared from a secret family recipe. Made from the premium cuts of meat and no fillers and oven roasted for the perfect flavor and texture.  

Premium Bacon

Our bacon comes from premium cuts of meat. Try it and taste the difference! Goes well with pineapple, ham, chicken, or broccoli. 

Lean Ground Beef

100% lean ground beef makes for a savory pizza. Great for any pizza. Goes well with roasted garlic, cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, onions, or green peppers.

Premium Ham 

Our lean, juicy ham goes great on any pizza. Try it with bacon, pineapple, sausage, or Asiago cheese.

Roasted Chicken

Premium seasoned white chicken is a lean meat that goes well with ranch sauce, bacon, onions, tomatoes, spinach, or with a BBQ or Buffalo drizzle.

Rib-eye Steak+

Moist, thin-sliced steak will make any pizza a hearty meal. Try it with mushrooms, cheddar cheese sauce, roasted potatoes, or cheddar cheese.

Hard Salami

Salami cured air-dried meat from lean beef and pork. Try salami with bacon, fresh mushrooms, or roasted red peppers.

Italian Meatballs

A blend of beef, Italian spices, and cheese, these HUGE meatballs are sliced and add serious taste to any pie. Try them with onions, green peppers, or cheddar.


Anchovies are for the “few and very bold” among us. Anchovies are filleted in salty oil and laid whole on our pizzas. They offer a different taste for meat lovers or a creative way to keep others from eating your pizza! Try anchovies with feta cheese, pepperoni, or onions.

Veggies & More

Fresh Mushrooms

Our fresh mushrooms are baby portobello mushrooms. A meaty, cultivated, tan mushroom that is better quality and more expensive than other mushrooms that other pizza places use, but worth it and are very tasty!  Try them with green peppers, roasted red peppers, or sun dried tomatoes.

Roasted Red-peppers 

Sweet, fire-roasted red peppers are awesome on a pizza. Substitute them for traditional green peppers and get a sweeter new taste sensation! Try them with spinach, roasted garlic, chicken, steak, or onions. Try adding a swirl of pesto drizzle. 

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn kernels grown right here in Ohio. Corn is a perfect taste to many different pizzas. It's great on a veggie pizza. They add nice “crunch” to any pizza. Try it with zucchini, broccoli, spinach, or roma tomatoes.  

Fresh Spinach 

Whole leaves of tender baby spinach. Fresh spinach adds a light, subtle taste to any pizza and goes very well with chicken and about any vegetable. Try it with feta cheese, black olives, or roasted red peppers.   

Fresh Zucchini 

Sliced fresh each day, zucchini is a green squash. Zucchini goes great with sweet corn, Gorgonzola cheese, roasted red peppers, and chicken.


Fresh broccoli florets are hand-cut each morning for every pizza. Broccoli is high in fiber and you’ll love broccoli with cheddar, black olives, or roma tomatoes.  

Sun-dried Tomatoes 

These Italian tomatoes are sun dried and full of flavor! Sun-dried tomatoes have a richer, robust flavor than regular tomatoes and go wonderfully with spinach, feta cheese, green olives, or black olives. 

Artichoke Hearts

Sliced artichoke hearts are a great meat substitute for veggie lovers! A hearty “meaty” taste that is complimented with roasted red peppers, black olives, Asiago cheese, or roasted garlic. 

Roasted Potatoes 

Large slices of golden potatoes take pizza to a whole new level of taste and texture. Try them with broccoli, cheddar cheese, ranch dressing, or bacon.


We hand slice delicious onions each day for our pizzas. Never dehydrated, never frozen. Try them with any other topping, you just can’t go wrong.

Red Onions

We hand slice delicious red onions each day so they are always fresh.  Try them with any other topping. 

Green Peppers

We purchase large, whole, green peppers and hand chop them fresh each morning for each pizza. Fresh-cut daily just tastes better. Sometimes referred to as "bell peppers." Try them with onions, fresh mushrooms, or Italian sausage. 

Banana Peppers 

Yellow, crunchy peppers add a little zest to uninspired pizzas without lighting up your mouth. Sometimes called ”hot peppers” but they’re actually mild. Try them with zucchini, olives, or other vegetables, as well as, pepperoni, bacon, or ham.


These are some extra hot peppers! Fresh sliced jalapenos add a spicy kick and crunch to any pizza! Goes great on any pizza that you want to add some heat. Try with a buffalo drizzle and chicken.

Green Olives

California green olives boast a sharp taste. Olives add a boost to any veggie pizza and go with many toppings

Black Olives

They are a fully ripe olive. A firm black olive is a mild flavor that goes well with roasted red peppers, onions or pepperoni. 

Roma Tomatoes 

Fresh hand sliced every day. We never get produce pre-diced or dehydrated, so each tomato is hand sliced daily to bring you the freshest taste. Try them with black olives, Italian sausage, chicken, or spinach.


Sweet, juicy pineapple makes the perfect Hawaiian pizza! Try them with ham and bacon. Pineapple is good on a lot of different pizzas and adds just a little sweetness.

Roasted Garlic

Chopped fresh garlic cloves. Once roasted, garlic mellows out in flavor. Amazing with any veggie to add some extra flavor or try it with Italian sausage or jalapenos.

Fresh Cilantro

Is a wonderful fresh herb with wide, delicate, lacy, green leaves and a strong pleasant flavor. Goes will with roma tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, corn, red peppers, and chicken. Used in most in salsas and Latin dishes and goes well with pizza.

Fresh Basil

Fresh basil is a versatile herb that adds bright flavor to almost any pizza. Goes best with roma tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta cheese, red peppers, and chicken

Dill Pickles

These are sliced pickles. Pickles goes well with our ground beef, onions, cheddar cheese, or sausage.  


Pesto-Basil Drizzle

A unique basil pesto sauce that is swirled right onto the pizza as a topping. Try it with artichoke hearts or feta cheese. Vegans: Pesto does contain Parmesan Cheese! Pesto-Basil sauce with fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese and pine nuts.

BBQ Drizzle

These is a honey BBQ sauce that is swirled on top to bring a unique flavor to any pizza. It stands out on the Voodoo Pizza.  

Ranch Drizzle

Customers love our ranch sauce and can’t get enough. As a drizzle it goes on top and is swirled in with the toppings for added flavor. 

Garlic Butter & Herb Drizzle

A mixture of garlic butter, herbs, and spices. It adds flavor to any pizza.  

Buffalo Drizzle

Our own hot buffalo sauce to add just the right kick to any pizza.  


Family Recipe Pizza Sauce

Our original family recipe. Our signature naturally sweet red tomato sauce that's made fresh daily in a Plus 1 Pizza tradition.

Bold Neapolitan Red Sauce 

Red tomato sauce packed with more garlic and oregano for customers that like a little more garlic and adds a touch of olive oil. 

Tuscan Sauce

A savory combination of our signature red sauce and buttery garlic sauce.

Fresh Garlic Sauce

Minced-from-the-clove garlic with extra virgin olive oil for just the right flavor. Made for true garlic lovers.

Pesto Sauce

Pesto-basil sauce, made with extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, pine nuts and other herbs for just the right flavors. 

Garlic Butter Herb Sauce

Butter garlic sauce with a blend of Italian seasoning and herbs.

BBQ Sauce

Honey BBQ sauce that is savory and just a little tangy and sweet.   

Crust Toppers

Garlic Herb – Crust Topper

Go for it, add some extra flavor to your crust, try a crust topper. Garlic butter, parmesan cheese, and Italian seasonings.  

Ranch Flavor  Crust Topper

Ranch seasoning for your pizza crust, for ranch lovers everywhere!

Butter/Cheese Topper

Blend of butter and Romano cheese

Ranch Sauce

Creamy ranch sauce


Original Classic Crust 

An original, classic, medium-thick crust, light and airy with a home-baked flavor

Crispy Thin Crust

Crispy thin crust that bakes to a golden brown with a extra crispy texture.  Our thin crust lets the full flavor form the cheese and toppings hit your taste buds

Coming Soon – Deep Dish

Thicker crust with a pleasing crunch on the outside, soft and tender on the inside

Gluten Free Crust

Gluten Free** Medium size only

**gluten free items are prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, We DO NOT recommend this pizza for customers with celiac disease.  Gluten free crust is not made in house and is a prepared product

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