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Pizza as Unique as You!
Explore your personality in pizza
Fresh Exceptional Ingredients. 
Where people who love pizza never settle for anything less than handmade dough, real Wisconsin cheese and loads of the world's best toppings.  You in?
Never settle for pizza made by the man!
Fresh, Exceptional Ingredients for outstanding pizza.
Order Online and Have it Delivered 

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Pizza as Unique as You!
Explore your personality in pizza
Never settle for pizza made by the man!
Fresh, Exceptional Ingredients for outstanding pizza. 
Order Online and Have it Delivered!
Order Online
Fresh Exceptional Ingredients for Outstanding Pizza 
Where people who love pizza never settle for anything less than handmade dough, real Wisconsin cheese and loads of the world's best toppings.  You in?

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Enjoy Life, Have Fun... Eat Better Pizza

Cambridge - Local Pizza  Delivery  Place and Restaurant located in Cambridge Ohio

Looking for  local pizza delivery place and  family pizza restaurant with  delivery service located in Cambridge, Ohio - then welcome to  Plus 1 Pizza - Cambridge.   We are a locally owned and family operated pizza place in Cambridge with carry out and pizza delivery service  to all of Cambridge, Ohio. Order a Fresh Pizza, Pasta, Sub Sandwiches, Stromboli, Wings and Salads. Call for pizza near Cambridge Ohio for fast delivery. 

About us and our family
We are a small  family owned and operated pizzeria that specializes in making fresh hand-crafted pizzas with over 40 toppings and 10 sauces, several cheeses and homemade fresh dough to choose from.  We take great pride in our family to source only the best and freshest ingredients that go into every pizza we prepare. We are passionate about pizza and we want you as a fan. Three generations each opening their own local pizza delivery restaurant. Come see us and try a fresh handcrafted pizza or have it delivered with pizza delivery service to all local areas. 

You can search the galaxy for the best pizza,  and find that Plus 1 Pizza is  the local favorite in Cambridge Ohio  and the galaxy
Photo: Cole Fettes, Bob Fettes Jr, and Bob Fettes Sr, retired.

local owned restaurant
Our Ingredients

–Fresh dough
–100% real premium cheese, both mozzarella and provolone
–Fresh cut veggies
–Homemade sauce prepared fresh daily with vine-ripened tomatoes
–100% real pepperoni and premium meat toppings

Prepared to Order

Whether creating your own pizza, from an incredible choice of over 50 toppings, or choosing one of our 24 signature specialty pizzas, every order is prepared only after it is ordered! It takes a bit longer but is well-worth the wait.

Fresh Made Dough

Every great pizza starts with a great crust! Our incredible, out-of-this-world crust is made with our signature, homemade dough recipes, prepared in multiple batches throughout the day. Our dough is always fresh

Great Service

Service with a smile. We love our customers and want you to be happy. Our mission: to delight every customer one pizza at a time. 
If you're not delighted let us know and we’ll make it right.  

Who Are We?

We are a small family owned and operated pizzeria. We make fresh handcrafted pizza that people connect over. That’s our thing. We know we’re not creating world peace treaties, but we take our job seriously. We live by a set of core values each and every day. 

We have fun. We love what we do and we want everyone to know what we’re about. 

Our Mission Statement: To delight every customer one pizza at a time and to be the best pizzeria in the world by killing it on every detail of the customer experience.

Our Core Values 
– Have fun 
– Do it... with passion
– Build something special
– Give back to the community
– Give customers what they want
–  Source only the best and freshest ingredients

never settle for pizza made by the man
Never settle for pizza made by the Man!
Buy Fresh, Buy Local

Don’t settle and order from one of those big corporate chain pizza places in town. 
All the big guys prepare their pizza with one thing in mind, shareholder profits. From frozen dough, meat fillers, and poor customer service, their pizza is not inspiring, original, or local. Don’t buy pizza made by the man.  

Why not enjoy life, have fun, and eat better pizza. Go for a unique mouthwatering pizza that is prepared with only the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Why not go for a pizza that is prepared with only you and your taste buds in mind. That’s what we do. 

We source only the freshest and best ingredients we can find and create custom handcraft pizzas with fresh quality ingredients in every pizza.

Tell us your favorite crust, sauce, and toppings. We’ll create you a pizza that fits your personality and is as unique as you. 

Pick Your Crust,  Sauce,  Cheese, Favorite Toppings,  Crust Topper, and a Topping Drizzle


An original,  classic medium-thick crust, light and airy with a home-baked flavor.

 Crispy thin crust that bakes to a golden brown with a extra crispy texture.  Our thin crust lets full flavor form the cheese and toppings hit your taste buds.  

Thicker crust with a pleasing crunch on the outside, soft and tender on the inside.

 Gluten Free** Medium size only


Our original family recipe. Our signature naturally sweet red tomato sauce that's made fresh daily in a Plus One Pizza tradition.

Red tomato sauce packed with more garlic and oregano for customers that like a little more garlic.

Minced-from-the-clove garlic with extra virgin olive oil for just the right flavor. Made for true garlic lovers.

Butter garlic sauce with blend of Italian seasoning and herbs.

A savory combination of our signature red sauce and buttery garlic sauce. 

BARBECUE SAUCE   Sweet Ray's barbecue sauce

Cream, butter, parmesan cheese & chopped garlic

Pesto-Basil sauceRANCH SAUCECreamy ranch sauce


Our family has delighted our guests through our passion for pizza.  We are constantly searching for ingredients of the highest quality to create one-of-a-kind flavor combinations that keep folks coming back for more.

Pepperoni   -   Old World Pepperoni  -  Spicy Pepperoni  -  Bacon -  Sausage -   Ground Beef -  Ham -  Chicken* -  Italian Sausage -  Anchovies

Roma Tomatoes -  Mushrooms -  Black Olives  - Green Olives -   Banana Peppers  Green Peppers  - Red Onions  - Spinach  Jalapeños  -  Roasted Garlic - Onions -  Pineapple  -  Extra Provolone  -  Artichokes  -  Sun-Dried Tomatoes* - Extra Cheese*  - Feta Cheese**
Premium toppings at extra costExtra Cheese cost more that regular toppings.


Premium Blend of Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese
Mozzarella, Provolone, Chaddar, Feta, Remono, Smoked Guda

Exceptional, Fresh Ingredients for Outstanding Pizza  


Do you know the real story behind what makes Plus 1 Pizza taste so incredible?  Plus 1 Pizza is a small family operated pizzeria of 4 stores which are operated by the father and the Athens store operated by his son, an OU student, who now calls Athens home.  Staying a small family owned pizzeria enables us to be independent and free to constantly find and source only the best ingredients possible.  This  enables us to create new recipes for our customers using only the freshest ingredients.  

We're not a some franchise lackey or large corporate chain that is mandated to use ingredients based on how much they cost and profit margins.  As a locally owned and family operated pizzeria, we are free to purchase only the best ingredients.  We don't have a corporate office, parent company or franchisor telling us what pepperoni we can use (we carry 3 different types of pepperoni).  We don't  have a corporate accounting office and a bean counter trying to tell us how much cheese we're allowed to put on your pizza to meet profit margins.  We don't have some CEO telling us to buy imported canned mushrooms because they're cheaper in an effort to make more money for the stockholders. No we don't think so.  We use fresh cermini mushrooms for exceptional flavor and taste. 

We're family owned and  operated and able to do what is best for our customer, we choose only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.We understand that if you’re going to build a masterpiece, you better start with all the best materials! Sauce made from fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes, authentic Italian sausage, select pepperoni made from a special family recipe, premium Italian cheeses, and fresh crispy veggies; we specially select  and source each ingredient that goes into our pizzas. Simply put, our pizza  is as great as the ingredients that go in it.


Our dough is made fresh each morning in our kitchen.  Ask any one you know who works at one of the big chain pizza shops in Athens, were their dough is made.  You'll soon learn that they won't be able to tell you, when or were it was made, because all they know is that their dough is delivered on a truck each week to save them money.  Ask anyone at Plus 1 Pizza, and they will tell you that our is dough made in-house each and every morning. 

Back in the early 50’s, when pizza first became popular in the United States, most pizza was made from dough that was prepared directly in the kitchen of the pizzeria. Today, many pizza shops and national chain pizza shops use dough that is massed produced in a warehouse located thousands of miles away and then delivered to the pizzeria once or twice a weekAt Plus 1 Pizza, we don’t follow the crowd.

We still make dough from scratch, fresh every morning in the back of our kitchens from the same homemade family recipe that has been handed down for over three generations. We use only the best spring wheat that money can buy. Sure, it costs more to make our dough this way, but it’s our way of giving you the freshest tasting, lightest texture, and most flavorful crust with every pizza we sell.Dough lays the groundwork for our pizza.  It’s where it all starts, so we make sure our dough is the best foundation for our homemade fresh made pizza.


Even the best chefs can’t prepare great pizza sauce from dehydrated tomato paste like some pizza companies use today. Plus 1 Pizza’s sauce is prepared from rich natural tomatoes packed fresh within hours after being picked from the vine.

Plus 1 Pizza’s sauce is freshly prepared every morning with a secret blend of spices passed down over 38 years ago from father to son, and finally to his grandchildren.

Family pride and quality tradition in the preparation of our pizza continues today and is our way to give our customers a pizza sauce prepared fresh daily from fresh packed natural tomatoes.


Great pizza starts with a great blend of premium Italian cheeses. Unlike some of our competitors who use frozen (most the big chain pizzas places use a frozen cheese),or artificial blends of cheeses to cut back on cost, Plus 1 Pizza uses only a premium blend of real Italian cheeses that is never frozen.The result is a creamy, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth taste that gets your taste buds working. One taste of our premium Italian cheese and you will agree that fresh is always better then frozen and real is better than artificial. Our cheese is the best money can buy and with one taste we think you’ll agree.


We don’t skip on toppings by using a bunch of meat fillers and paper-thin pepperoni slices like so many others; we only use premium meat toppings having a robust flavor. And, hey, we use real pepperoni. You might think that all pizzerias use real pepperoni, but some do not. Some use what is called sausage for pizza.We only use fresh vegetables, cut daily by hand in our kitchens, the same way we've done it for over 38 years.

By using only generous portions of quality meats and fresh vegetables is our way to bring you  the best and freshest pizza in Athens.  Find out more about our service and making our customers smile.

Our Promise to You
pizza restaurant cambridge ohpizza delivery near cambridge oh
Delight every customer one order at a time.
Service with a smile. We love our customers and want you to be happy. Our mission: to delight every customer one pizza at a time. If your not delighted, let us know and we’ll make it right.
Need help? Please call the store and ask for the manager to answer any questions and to get immediate assistance regarding your order or customer experience.  You can also send us your suggestions and feedback online – contact us.
Word Up... What People Say About Us

"This pizza has been perfect everytime, so absolutely delicious I would suggest the bold neopolitan pizza sauce on a thin crust with spicy pepperoni! So good!! Thank you Athens plus one pizza!" - Earl Wood

Earl Wood
Athens Ohio

“ I love their pizza..... I think they quite possibly have the best pizza I have ever had. Their sauce is a little sweeter which I love, and the crust is delicious as well.  Everything is always perfect when I order. Give them a shot, they might just become your new favorite.

Katie B. 
Athens Ohio

“This place is great. I left Athens for a while and moved back and was surprised to see it there. I decided to order from them to give them a try, and now I get them more than any other Athens pizza, they are affordable (unlike a certain place down the street), their staff is amazing, and I have never had a problem with my order (again...unlike that certain place down the street). There are plenty of pizza places in Athens, but most of them are either chains that you can find anywhere or that one place that sells novelty pizzas that cost an arm and a leg and seem more like absurd experiments than food. Also, if you sign up with Plus 1, you get all kinds of deals, they routinely e-mail me great deals. I don't really ever write reviews, but I like this place so much that I feel the least I can do is ...”

David Nabel
Athens Ohio

“Staff goes out of their way to help you out and make sure you are satisfied. New favorite pizza joint in Athens!”

Zach Schabel
Athens Ohio

 Pizza and wings were awesome. Staff were all friendly when I picked up my order. Glad you guys came to Athens.

Fran Cline
Athens Ohio

“Pizza sub was awesome! There was enough sauce, cheese, and meats to make the perfect sub. it wasn't too crispy, wasn't too dry, and it wasn't bare! Fantastic flavor, and an amazing job!”

Zach Sinclair
Athens Ohio

 We have done  pickup orders.....done when we get there and still hot, tastes great and exactly what we ordered. Please keep up the good work.

Amber Miller
Athens Ohio

I've had Plus 1 three times since they opened (twice delivery, once dine in). Everyone is super friendly and the food is delicious! The delivery times are also crazy reasonable (if you're ordering during the lunch and dinner rushes, don't expect to get it in 30 minutes, just saying). Each delivery I got was made in 30-45 minutes, and I love their online gps tracker. Keep supporting these awesome folks. They may be a little green, but they're soon to be a local favorite!

 Katey Burgess
Athens Ohio

Friendly people and GREAT food. Best Pizza Sauce in Athens Hands Down!  You guys do a great job. You're making the other pizza places look really bad...

David White
Athens Ohio